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Read, read, read...

To write great poetry, you are also going to need to read good poetry. You should read as much as you can. This helps you to understand the poem as well as learn to accurately create your own. How can you expect to write really great poetry when you don't understand poetry that you read?

You can learn so much about poems just from reading as many as you can. You might want to just skim over them first. Then you can read them and really think about your first impression. How does the poem make you feel? What emotions does it bring up in you? These are all really important things to note about the poem that you are reading.

Later, when you have learned more about the structure of poetry, you might also analyze it further. You can recognize the lines and stanzas as well as other mechanics of the poem. You might make notes directly by the poem on certain aspects of it as well as what you like or don't like. Be sure you mark things you don't understand. These are all great ways of getting a better understanding for poetry.

It can also be very inspiring and motivating to read other poetry. You should take some time to make some lists of poems and poets that you find inspiring. You might also make some lists of those that you don't really like. These lists will help you as you move on into other chapters.

The will to learn...

Now before we move on to the first lesson, we are going to cover one more issue. You may have heard that poets are born and not made, that they are born with this magical gift of words and self-expression. Well, this is somewhat true but not entirely. Anything can be taught if the person is willing to learn.

This means that even if you were not born with the greatest natural talent for poetry, you can still learn to write a great love poem. You may not be the next John Donne or William Shakespeare but you can still write fantastic, original, inspiring love poems that will impress that special someone in your life. Anyone can learn to write great love poetry. That's right - even you!

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Read to Write Better Poetry

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This article was published on 2010/03/30