He Posseses Everything

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He Posseses Everything

He posseses everything such is the power of his mind.

What ever he sees in his eyes he feels having in possesion of that.

By this feeling he remains vibrant and dynamic and advances with greater power.

With hopes of achievement he moves on the path of progress.

He is having infinite powers and can penetrate in to things and beings.

Penetarting in to things and beings he studies everything.

He views the entire universe and binds himself in everything.

The whole universe seems to be within.

There is nothing unattainable by him.

Being in the divine kingdom and feeling to be his child he thinks to have everything.

With a greater power of motivation he moves with powerful wings.

Flying high above in the sky he sees all the things and beings.

The warrior by his superior intelligence and powers makes all things and beings his own.

From morning till night he feels to have possesed everything.

Homely he feels with every body and develops a greater love for things and beings.

By the power of love he posseses everything and there remains no wanting.

All the positive vibrations,qualities and powers seem to be his own.

He feels to be in possesion of all the powers.

By loving the divine he catches a glimpse of his manifestations and enjoys sweet showers.

The divine graces him and there reamins no despairs.

In the silence of the night the warrior was merged in the beauty of the nature.

Divine ecstacy dominated his mental kingdom.

Being closer to the divine he thought of his home.

In home he saw the Lord fulfilling evrybody's mind with love and affection.

In his dream he saw all the divine manifestations.

Getting a touch of the divine hands he was able to be merged in his creations.

He found himself to possess all His things waking up in the dawn.

He was rejuvenated and refreshed embracing the morning sun.

There was no feeling of lack and miseries in his mind.

All the things he was having which he was seeing.

He was doing his duty feeling a greater degree of happiness within.

He was able to lead a fulfilled life by fulfilling all his hopes and dreams.

All powers were being possesed by him.

The divine virtues ruled his mind.

He marched on the path of progress contributing a lot to his family,organization and society.

He was able to spend his days beautfully being always submerged in serenity and tranquility.

the infinite powers of the mind made hin feel happier and stronger.

obeying the Lord's command his life became brighter.

with a gerater vision and insight he pursued his goals.

he achieved everything with a relaxed mental atmosphere.

the cerations of the divine strongly motivated him.

being in possesion of all those things he advanced with vibrant feelings.

each dawn seemed to be a new start in life.

embracing each dawn he was seeing divine light.

the light guided him through out his life.

he advanced and excelled in each field by knowing evrything and being in trye spirit.

the clouds of hope rained in his life.

being wet in the rain he loved all and served all with courage,confidence and might.

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He Posseses Everything

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This article was published on 2012/03/11