Breaking Up Poetry - To Win Your Ex Back

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There are many ways to break up with someone you once loved and breaking up poetry can be a way to gently let someone know you are moving on. A lot of breaking up poetry details how the writing is feeling as one of the main subjects focuses on your broken heart. Many individuals will write break up poetry to help them deal with the pain they are currently feeling.

These poems may be in anger or broken heart. It can also detail the relationship journey and what went on. Poetry is a great form of expression and not matter what type of poetry you use it can be an excellent outlet for your feelings. A lot of break up poetry is written or focuses on teenage love as feelings tend to be much more dramatic and teenagers have more angst.

If you are looking for break up poems then all you need to do is search the Internet and you will find plenty. You will be sure to find a poem that encompasses all that you are feeling as there are poems about lost love, cheating partners, tragedy and much more.

Breaking up poetry can also be used to win back your ex. There are many reasons why couples break up and it is possible to win back your loved one. Females can respond very well to poetry particularly if it is written from the heat and part of winning a woman includes poetry.

You do not even need to write your own poetry but can borrow from some of the greats such as Lord Byron, Milton, Keats or Shakespeare. There are also many more modern poems you can chose from as sometimes the older poets can be difficult to understand. Many songs can also function as a poem as most song lyrics began as some type of poetry. Your ex may appreciate a song more then a poem.

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Breaking Up Poetry - To Win Your Ex Back

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This article was published on 2010/03/28
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